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Protected: Online Module (National Pilot)

a male and a female health worker talk in the staff room

This one hour online training module has the flexibility to be completed in short segments at a time and at a location that is convenient for you. The module can be completed individually or in small groups to provide the opportunity for group discussion.

The sections in the module are:

  • About bowel cancer and bowel screening
  • The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program and the Alternative Pathway
  • A step by step guide to talking with patients about doing the test
  • Having the conversation

When you reach the Log In page for the online module, click on Create Account. Write down the username and password you create, so you can easily go back into the module if you need a break or get interrupted. If you have used any of the Indigenous Bowel Screening modules previously you may need to create a new account, with a new username and email address. Or email to get your account deleted.

Please note: This module is best viewed using Google Chrome or Firefox. During testing some issues were experienced with Internet Explorer displaying the correct font.

Start the online module now.

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