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What happens next? If your bowel screening result is positive (for Aboriginal men)

This flipchart has been produced by SA Health and provides information about what happens if you get a positive bowel screening result. It explains what a colonoscopy is, and how to prepare.  This version is for men. There is also a version for women.

SA Health is carrying out various initiatives to decrease cancer mortality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in South Australia. These include targeted resources materials such as this flipchart, and a flyer that explains how to do the bowel screening test. Each resources is available for both men and women.

Please visit SA Health’s ‘Culturally appropriate bowel screening resources’ for more information and to download the flip chart or kit instructions.

You might also like to take a look at the powerful artwork telling the story of Screening as cancer prevention, commissioned by SA Health from South Australian artists Alan Sumner and Mel Agius.


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